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Straight Forward Pricing
Pricing that no longer required monthly payments and subscriptions
We make money when you make money

Cost to Register a Show

The cost to register is the calculated cost of bandwidth delivery for one online view in full 1080p quality.


Cost of Bandwidth Fee
Due to our ability to ensure that one ticket always equals one stream, we are able to take the cumulative cost of bandwidth upon successful completion of the show and subtract it from ticket sales

Sales Commission Fee
We receive a commission of which is the greater of $3 or 15%, for which we use to pay sales reps and affiliates to assist in selling tickets to your show

$1 is used to pay music copyright licenses (PROs) . This covers the live streaming use of any music filed within the Ascap, Sesac, and BMI libraries

Merchant Processing Fee
The processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 of every successful transaction

Your Potential Profit
1-Hour Stream with a $18 Ticket Price
2-Hour Stream with a $19 Ticket Price
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