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StreamGuard's secure streaming services are forever changing the way content is distributed globally 
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On-Demand Streaming

The On-Demand entertainment space is under constant threat of losing the ability for monetization of their content due to middle man attacks, stream hacking, and credential sharing. The challenges in maintaining a platform that is totally secure yet consumer-friendly have resulted in content becoming devalued as it becomes compromised and shared through unauthorized third-party distribution platforms. Our proprietary security and streaming services effectively eliminate the issues caused by middle man attacks, stream hacking, and credential sharing a without the need for changes to platform interfaces, thus keeping original ease of use and ensuring an enjoyable consumer experience.


Film Distribution

The film industry experienced a change in Consumer behavior with a decrease in traffic to cinemas for theatrical releases of films. As streaming is now the preferable consumer choice for viewing films, studios are in need of services that allow same-day streaming of major theatrical releases that do not devalue priceless IP content by using unsecured broadcast streaming on-demand based models. With our unmatched security and services, this idea of online film distribution can become a reality.

Live Events

Our security services meet and exceed the security standards and capabilities of a standard brick and mortar venue, thus allowing any live show to meet their contract, royalty, union, or copyright requirements. Our security can ensure that a single ticket purchase or subscription only equates to one view without sacrificing a viewers ability to switch devices while enjoying the high-quality and mobility customers expect from their streaming content providers. You can now fully and securely monetize any live event without worrying that the bandwidth usage will not equate to your subscriber numbers.

TV Screens

24/7 OTT Channels

More and more consumers are cutting the cord and switching to OTT services for their content. With this comes the need to ensure that the security, scalability, and control that past cable and satellite services offered are not only maintained but surpassed. Currently, OTT channels already experiencing the losses and exponential costs from middle man attacks, stream hacking, and credential sharing that effect on-demand streaming providers. Making the proprietary security that we at StreamGuard provide a necessary tool for any OTT provider to create a sustainable business

Live Events

Don't accept extreme bandwidth charges because of a streaming providers lack of security

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