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StreamGuard is a technology company that has developed a Utility Patented Technology for controlling bandwidth consumption by preventing third parties from stealing, redistributing, and rebroadcasting multimedia streams.

One might wonder why we don’t see more streaming of live events on a paid basis. The reason is because these content providers cannot prevent people from sharing credentials or hijacking and rebroadcasting the streams. This drives the content provider’s bandwidth costs through the roof and turns an otherwise profitable show into a financial disaster.

StreamGuard’s technology prevents credential sharing, stream hacking, middleman attacks and guarantees an artist or producer that each “view” is paid for and that they are only billed for bandwidth that is generated from those paying customers. It further ensures that pirates cannot redistribute access to the streaming servers overloading them, such as occurs on live streams from TIDAL music streaming, the Grammys, and many others.

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Executive Leadership


Founder and CEO Joe Tremols brings a comprehensive knowledge and experience across a range of skills inclusive of computer and mechanical systems, aerospace maintenance, military service, theatrical production, minerals and commodities. He envisioned and designed what would become TiltedGlobe Technology while attending the University of Wyoming for Mechanical Engineering and Stage Design. Being introduced to computer and server systems at an early age to later designing and constructing competition robotic systems, Joe has always been immersed in learning as much as he can about computers and how they operate. With his key experiences in founding, organizing, funding, and operating theatrical productions combined with a passion for computers and technology. Joe was able to design the system for Enabling a Virtual Theatre and Secure Non-Broadcast Streaming. The 6-year aerospace maintenance veteran of the WYANG was recognized by USAF Air Education and Training Command for "Best of the Best" performance & outstanding leadership as well as completing what is still considered the largest Eagle Scout project ever undertaken in South Florida.

Chief  Executive Officer

Joe Tremols


James Daley has worked with a number of international technology startups and brought their products to market including Open English. Open English is a leader in English Language Learning in Latin America. Providing individuals and corporate clients in emerging markets worldwide. The company has offered its online classes to over 500,000 students across Latin America, Brazil and the United States. Featured in the Wall Street, CNN, and NBC, the company has raised over 120 million dollars in funding. Open English is the fifth most valuable Education Technology company in the world with locations in Miami, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, and Sao Paolo. He is also currently the Chief Product Officer at Sears Holdings helping to Innovate the future of Sears by developing a more connected consumer experience. 

Chief Technical Officer

James Daley

Don't accept extreme bandwidth charges because of a streaming providers lack of security

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