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Why stream with StreamGuard?
Explore the most complete streaming solution for you to monetize your next event.

Before StreamGuard, no streaming provider existed that could ensure a single ticket purchase equaled only one view or that the live stream would not be copied, downloaded, or shared for free.

We are the only “all in one” streaming provider and marketplace that provides all of the following services on one platform:

  • Blanket PRO licenses (music copyright licenses) 

  • Streaming bandwidth and live transcoding

  • Ability to reach a global market and be able to charge per view

  • Ability to serve multiple verticals i.e. concerts, sports, theatre, conferences, lectures, etc.

  • A hosted location on the internet that can be tailored to your brand

  • Payment processing in over 135 different currencies

Ready to place your production on a truly international stage?
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