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Non-Broadcast Streaming


Stream securely with tech that proactively fights piracy

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The one-stop-shop for all your streaming needs.

StreamGuard Streaming CDN


Deliver high-quality scalable Ultra 4K experiences with low latency and reach anywhere in the world

StreamGuard live and On-Demand Transcoding


Transcode your live content in real-time into multiple formats to maximize your users experience

StreamGuard Cloud multi-media Storage


Store, capture, and seamlessly mobilize your content giving you the ultimate versatility

StreamGuard Security and Analytics


Exclusive security that proactively secures your content fighting  credential sharing and stream hacking

Watch the StreamGuard intro to streaming piracy video below

StreamGuard’s technology prevents credential sharing, stream hacking and middle-man attacks. Our tech guarantees an artist or producer that each “view” is paid for and that they are only billed for bandwidth that is generated from those paying customers. Further, preventing pirates from enacting middle-man attacks and stream hacking protects the servers from crashing & overloading as well as disastrous PR fallout of such piracy.

From custom to ready-made, get your solution faster with StreamGuard

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Live Streaming and ondemand concerts
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Don't accept extreme bandwidth charges because of a streaming provider's lack of security

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