Producer Referal

Producer Referal Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Refering a producer?

If your referral registers on the TiltedGlobe.com platform and successfully monetizes his/her production on TiltedGlobe.com, we will pay you a New Producer Referral Fee equal to 15% of TiltedGlobe.com's net comission recived from the New Producer. As an example if TiltedGlobe.Com receives $10,000 in comission fee from the production referred by you, we will pay you $1,500 from the $10,000 collected by TiltedGlobe.com.

How do I make a Referral to TiltedGlobe.com

If you are interested in participating in the TiltedGlobe.com Referral Fee Program, you must do one of the following prior to referring a producer or event to the platform. Procedure for Introduction 1. Contact TiltedGlobe.com at Support@tiltedGlobe.com and request a Referral Fee Registration form 2. Return the completed Referral Fee Registration form to TiltedGlobe.com prior to referring any producer or event to the platform. 3. A confirmation of the registration will be sent to you via email within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of a properly completed Referral Fee Registration form. 4. Once your confirmation is received, your referral should proceed to register on the TiltedGlobe.com Platform. 5. This Process must be completed with each referral you make to the platform. In order to document each new business oppertunity and assure accuracy of accreditation of new business opportunities developed by you, it is mandatory that prior to any introduction, notification to TiltedGlobe pursuant to the above-itemized procedure is completed. Without strict adherence to the above process, TiltedGlobe.com cannot provide you with any referral fee compensation. Should you have any questions or comments about TiltedGlobe.com, you can submit them in writing at support@TiltedGlobe.com or you can call us by phone at (786) 540-5471.